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In Houston, Texas, contracts are established routinely, ranging from signing employment agreements to engaging a contract lawyer. A valid contract can exist between two or more parties who have entered into a legally binding agreement for some type of good or service as long as all the requisite contract requirements are met. Proper examination and drafting by a Houston contract attorney can prevent many contract-related disputes.

Numerous business transactions in Houston are based on contracts, which outline the duties and expectations of everyone involved. Unfortunately, it is these contracts that can also lead to business disputes. A contract lawyer in Harris County can assist in resolving these disputes and potentially help to avert future conflicts.

If these responsibilities are not fulfilled, it may lead to a breach of contract situation.  When one party, individual, or business backs out of its contractual obligations, it can leave the other parties at risk of suffering financial hardship and damages. At Elaine Law Group, our Houston-based contract attorneys grasp the intricacies of contract law and breach of contract and are equipped to recommend the most strategic actions for their clients.

The lawyers at our firm are client-focused and dedicated to the success of our clients. Our attorneys can help review your contracts and help determine what defenses, rights, and remedies you may have available to your unique legal situation. Reach out to our law firm to initiate steps in safeguarding your interests with the assistance of our attorneys in the Greater Houston area.

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Our Contract Lawyer Services

Elaine Law Group prioritizes clarity and foresight in contract management, aiming to safeguard your business’ future. We craft, review, and modify contracts to align with both legal standards and your strategic objectives.

With expertise ranging from contract agreement drafting to contract negotiations, our lawyers ensure your contractual engagements resonate with your business vision.

Our contract services include but are limited to:

  • Drafting
  • Review and Analysis
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Contract Amendment and Revision
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
  • Employment Contracts
  • Vendor and Supplier Contracts
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Purchase and Sales Agreements
  • Confidentiality Clauses
  • Intellectual Property Contracts
  • Arbitration and Mediation Clauses
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Termination and Breach Provisions
  • Contract claims

How is a Legal Contract Formed?

In Houston and across the state, a contract is recognized as a legally enforceable agreement that outlines and regulates the reciprocal rights and responsibilities of the parties involved. A contract usually involves the exchange of goods, services, or money or the promise to exchange any of these at a date defined in the contract. A legal contract is generally signed in part by both parties. Notably, in Texas, not every contract necessitates a signature. For more details, please contact our law office.

Contract Law

In order to have a legally valid contract, a contract must be willingly entered into by the parties and formed under proper contract law to be legally binding. This is where an attorney with experience in contract law can help. This means there must be an offer, consideration for the offer, and acceptance of that offer, and the parties must both have the intent to be legally bound by the terms of the contract. These contracts and agreements are typically formed by a contracts attorney.


An offer, under the terms of the UCC, is when one party promises to do something or refrain from something in exchange for another thing. Under Texas law, an offer must be articulated or presented in a manner that a reasonable person would comprehend the implications of accepting it. Our firm can guide you in formulating an offer that conforms with Texas contract law.


Consideration is an exchange for a specified action or inaction where something of value was promised. This can take the form of a significant financial or time investment, a promise to perform a service, an agreement not to do something, or reliance on the promise. In Houston and throughout the state, consideration refers to the financial value that motivates parties to agree to a contract.

Generally, a contract in Houston and Texas as a whole is differentiated from a gift through the presence of consideration. Since there’s no consideration in the promise of a gift, a failure to fulfill a promised gift isn’t enforceable as a breach of contract.


Acceptance can be expressed in words, writing, deeds, or performance as long as it is specified in the contract. In general, the acceptance must correspond to the terms of the offer. Otherwise, the acceptance is interpreted as a rejection or counteroffer. If the terms differ even in the slightest from an offer, then this is seen as a counteroffer that may be accepted by the original party to be binding.

Intent to Be Legally Bound

Intent to be legally bound, or mutuality means that the parties came to this agreement through “a meeting of the minds.” A meeting of the minds means that both parties understood and came to an agreement concerning the terms of the contract.

In case of a contract dispute in Houston, if a contract participant demonstrates that all elements of a legally binding contract are present, then the contract is likely valid. To be invalid, the defending party needs to show that one of these elements did not exist. Should a dispute arise, promptly reaching out to our Houston law firm is advisable, as unresolved contract disputes can escalate to additional legal complications or future litigation.

Types of Employment Contracts in Houston

Businesses typically require new hires to sign employment contracts outlining the terms of their employment. While nearly all employment contracts help to define the specific details of an employment relationship, employers can offer their employees a variety of contracts. The type of contract offered is determined by the employee’s status, the needs of the organization, and other factors of the business. Typically, employment contracts in Houston are drafted by attorneys well-versed in federal, state, and local employment law.

Implied Contract

Implied contracts are employment agreements that are neither written nor verbal. In most cases, implied contracts are used when there is no verbal or written contract. There may be an implied contract if an employee and employer do not agree to specific terms through a discussion or by signing a document, but they continue to work for them in some capacity.

Employees can assume that an employer will provide them with the same rights, protections, and benefits that were previously established by an employer’s actions or guidelines under implied contracts. Most implied contracts are for short-term or seasonal types of employment, especially in service-related positions.

Since the terms are not clear, implied contracts are not advisable because they can lead to ambiguities, risk and ultimately disputes.

Verbal Contract

A verbal contract is an employment agreement that is not in writing. A verbal contract is frequently extended during a discussion about the specifics of an employment relationship. A hiring manager may make a verbal offer to an employee with a set salary, benefits, and other terms.

If the parties verbally agree to these terms, this conversation can serve as a legally binding employment contract, especially if a witness or third party is present to testify that the parties entered into a legally binding contract.

However, because there is usually no accompanying written document that establishes specific terms, verbal contracts can be difficult to enforce, and the parties must rely on memory if a dispute about terms arises.

Written Contract

One of the most common types of employment contracts is a written contract. Written contracts detail the specifics of your employment relationship, such as salary, work schedule/required hours, employment duration, PTO policies, benefits eligibility, and other employment terms.

Written contracts are popular because they can fully and legally document an employment agreement that is signed by both parties, the employer and employee. This means that if any issues arise during the time of employment, the parties can refer back to the contract and clarify any questions or concerns that arise. An attorney from Elaine Law Group can help craft a written contract that protects your best interests.

How an Employment Contract Lawyer in Houston Can Help

The most common form of contract is an employment contract. When entering into an employment agreement, both parties expect the other to follow through with their promise. This means that the employee will do the job they were hired to do, and the employee will pay the employer for doing that job.

However, it is not always that simple. Most employment agreements and business agreements have many terms that bind each party to certain obligations. When dealing with contract agreements or concerns about potential contract breaches, it’s important to consult with an attorney experienced in contracts and agreements in Houston, TX. A contract lawyer at Elaine Law Group in Houston is well-versed in contract complexities and can provide sound advice and legal guidance to their clients.

Breach of Contract in Houston, TX

A breach of contract occurs when one of the agreed-upon terms and conditions of a binding contract is broken or violated by one or both parties of the contract. A breach of contract in Texas could range from delayed payments or denied wages to more severe issues like failure to provide the full promised asset or service. A contract breach occurs when one party to a binding agreement fails to deliver on the terms of the agreement. Our firm can help investigate such matters with your best interests in mind.

A breach of contract can occur in both written, implied, and oral contracts. A breach of contract can be resolved among the parties involved or in a court of law. Typically, before proceeding to court, both involved parties would likely seek advice from a Houston breach of contract lawyer if they suspect a breach.

There are two types of contract breaches: minor or material breaches and actual or anticipatory breaches. A minor breach generally happens when a party receives a good or service and the primary purpose of the contract is met. A material breach is when the good or service promised undermines the primary reason for the contract.

The difference between an actual contract breach and an anticipatory contract breach is that with an actual breach, the breach occurred through nonperformance or inadequate performance. An anticipatory contract breach is when a party warns the other that they cannot deliver on the full terms of the contract.

How a Breach of Contract Lawyer Can Help

In order to show a breach, there must first be a valid contract between the parties. When suing for breach in court, the court will first review the responsibilities of the parties to see if a fully binding contract was formed. If there was a contract and one of the parties failed to perform, then a breach likely exists. In the event of a contract breach, it’s vital to contact our Houston law office to arrange a consultation.

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Remedies for Breach of Contract in Houston

A contract is legally binding and is enforceable under the law. If a party can show a breach of contract, the remedy is usually to give the victim monetary damages or what they were promised or owed through the full performance of the contract. A breach of contract is not considered a crime, and punitive damages are rarely awarded.

The remedy for a breach is to put the parties in the position they would have been in if the contract had been fully performed. Sometimes, if performance cannot occur, then the court will want to put the parties in the position they were in before they entered the contract. The goal is to make the non-breaching party whole again.

The court will likely order performance, delivery, or payment if it finds a valid breach of a Texas contract. If you struggling with navigating a breach of contract, it is advisable to contact an attorney immediately.

How a Contract & Agreement Attorney in Houston, TX Can Help

Contracts and business contracts are not always simple. Most agreements have many terms that bind each party to certain obligations. When these obligations are not met, there could possibly be a breach of contract. When entering into a contract or if someone has a concern about a possible breach of contract, it is best to speak to an experienced attorney. A contract attorney at Elaine Law Group in Houston is knowledgeable about the intricacies of contracts and contract disputes, offering guidance on steps to take after a breach.

Our law firm, Elaine Law Group is committed to realizing dreams, building brands, and growing legacies. We are client-focused attorneys committed to assisting creative professionals and entrepreneurs while also building meaningful relationships. For any contract-related needs, reviews, or inquiries, the contract attorneys at Elaine Law Group in Houston, TX, are ready to help.

Our law firm is dedicated to offering contract services in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas within Harris County as well as Greater Houston.

Our law firm can be contacted by phone at 713-244-6695, by email at legal@elainelawgroup.com, or by completing our online form under the contact tab.

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